I have considered my decision for a very long time

October 20, 2011


456, X Street, Y Avenue

Philadelphia, PA-19103

(123) 456-7890

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It is with utmost regret that I am submitting this letter of resignation from being the company executive sales representative. Although I do love and enjoy my job immensely, there have been some issues in my personal life which I have to resolve on my own. I am staying with the company for at most three more weeks up until the time that a replacement will be found.

I have considered my decision for a very long time and it seems that the only available option for me is to leave the company lest my work be severely affected. I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work for such a prestigious company such as this, and I will always keep in mind everything I have learned here.

As a last wish of sorts, I would like to procure a recommendation letter from your good office for if and when I decide to go back into the industry again. Please let me know if there is anything I may be able to do for you before I leave.


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