After a quarter of a century working

October 19, 2011

Mather Smith
69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City,
California 84301

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Dear Mather Smith,

After a quarter of a century working from my desk, I am going to retire from Stour Corporation on July 1. I cannot express just how much fun I have had working for the company, it has been rewarding and wonderful, although there have of course been times that have not been so wonderful. I have decided to become a lady of leisure, and will be moving to sunny climes shortly.

You would not believe just how much the job has changed over the years, and how much is now automated. I know many of you cannot remember a time before computers, but believe me work still went on without them.

It is the people I have worked with that makes me sad to be leaving, and I will miss everyone. Don’t worry though you are all invited to visit us when we get settled in, although please try not to come all at once. Please keep in touch, I will miss you all terribly otherwise.



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