You can also help us in making this possible

October 18, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street


Illinois, 61801 • Cell: 257-409-8975

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We at Golden Homes have had one goal on our minds since the organization was founded 5 years ago — helping the elderly in our community to live in a safe community free from any external problems they need not be worrying about in their old age. We at Golden Homes value our elderly residents with the same high regard we have to our own grandparents. This is why we do everything possible in order to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

You can also help us in making this possible through donating to our organization. Rest assured that all your donations shall be put into making various facilities our elderly residents can use and appreciate.

To donate, simply drop by our office or mail your donation to the address written below. You can also directly deposit donations into our account. Thank you for all your donations.



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