Whether you dream of romantic or practical kind

October 17, 2011

Andrew Hall
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA-19103
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Andrew Hall,

A raffle? For Fig Reports?

Yes, it is true, there are two new and better reasons to take a raffle ticket. It is a practical and very cost-efficient method for fund raising, and it also gives you a better opportunity to win a great award, while supporting a foundation you believe in.

Try to imagine what all you could do if you have a cash worth $55,000

Whether you dream of romantic or practical kind, it can become real if you’re selected for the Grand Prize in the new Fig Reports Raffle. Yes, Of course, just one lucky person will take with him the $55,000 cash Prize–but this is not all you will be in the contest for more than $96K in cash and awards

Just imagine–the first winner will take with him $15,000. The second winner will also get a check nothing less but $10,000. Each of rest 10 third position winners will get $2,000. Other than this, there are 30 fourth position prizes of $300 each, and this is not all, 1,050 fifth prizes can be won –the newly revised guide to your personal finance and planning, “The Fig Reports of Finance,” its value is $35.55 .

Remember, all the prizes are surely guaranteed to be given away, but you are required to enter to win these prizes!

Why does Fig Reports need your help and support? It is very simple. Research is a very expensive task. This current year we estimated to spend over $20,000,000 on such research programs in order to keep our subscribers up to date Now, we are looking for help and support only from those whom we help–that is our subscribers. Raffle proceeds which we will receive from you will go straight into the research work that will keep you informed.

And this is our sure promise to you.

Let’s think of those times when Fig Reports have saved your money, alerted you about a security threat on financial issues and critical health.

Please help us by giving a tax-exempted donation along with your own Raffle ticket. It is not forced to you to contribute, but we will be highly obliged if you do. (We know your chance to win the prize is small, but the opportunity to help the needy is great.)

Kindly return your ticket stubs, and also make a generous charity, today. Thank you for your support.

P.S. It is not necessary to submit your contribution or to make a purchase. A purchase or contribution does not improve your chances of winning.



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