We are highly obliged to the supporters

October 17, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street


Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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Liberal Arts

You might remember that in addition to your present, a pressing help request was included by us about you granting us an appeal for a year.

I am thankful to you in case the contribution is already sent by you.

In case you did not get any chance to reply to my letter or if it has been misplaced, I request you to take out few minutes in order to help The Fig institute for the liberal arts to achieve its goal of $400,000 for the above mentioned appeal.

You might have a taste of classical dance, concert dance, ballet, music or jazz, we are here to provide you the best among all the liberal and cultural arts.

It is estimated that we can cover 80% of our costs through tickets selling and for the same we are looking forward to some of our close friends who can help us in this regard.

This is the reason why I am relying on you for sending us a charitable gift of $150 today.

In addition your yearly contribution if you can help the Fig Institute for the liberal arts, we would be able to display the arts in the best form and it will help us to make our products easily approachable and available and in addition to that we can make it low priced.

Your contribution would be a great help as for your every $1 contribution the foundation will give $0.5, we are highly obliged to their scheme. If you gift us $200 then it would be worth $300. Your gift of $400 is actually $600.

We are highly obliged to the supporters and friends as you are, we are trying very hard and with complete dedication in order to bring out the art in its best form to every home.

As you know that we are providing our services to the people free of cost, but we are spending a lot of money to bring out the art form for the people. That is the reason why I am relying on you for a charitable gift today.

The ultimate truth is that we cannot bring out the best art through our best talented performers without any help from great friends as you are.



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