That is the principle of the Fig International Foundation

October 17, 2011


456, X Street, Y Avenue

Philadelphia, PA-19103

(123) 456-7890


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Each child matters.

That is the principle of the Fig International Foundation. It is not possible for us to put the principle into the work without any help of concerned active members like you are.
It is your time and help that get our things done on time.
That is why I am very pleased while announcing that in some days you will receive a very beautiful gift from our Foundation.
The Fig International Calendar is merely a kind of token and gift of the appreciation and thanks we feel for your dedication and commitment towards our efforts. I also hope that you will display the Fig calendar in your workplace or home with pride. And I am hoping you will consider renewing your help of the Organization today.
After all you can take great pride in such positive and noticeable difference you’ have made in the precious lives of many children. Just look that, with your great help, the Fig International Foundation has:
# just Increased the amount and number of matching scholarships
# also served the children in various countries through many programs providing medicine, education and food.
#Assisted children in many areas where the natural disasters left them homeless and hungry.
Although the calendar is merely a vote of thanks for all your support, and there is no obligation on you to pay . But I sincerely hope that it will definitely encourage you to and you will continue assisting the Fig International serve the world.
But, If possible, please fill out the attached donation card and send it back with the check with it. Thank you for all your support and help . People like you help us service better.



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