My husband and I were traveling abroad

October 17, 2011


609 West Main Street


New Mexico, 87109

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My husband and I were traveling abroad and I was shocked to find the lack of children’s books available to young readers. I decided then and there that I would come back home and box up my grown children’s old picture books. Then, I thought, why not make this a group donation and ask my friends to gather up their old children’s books as well!

My daughter, Sheila got caught up in the fervor and pulled together a donation at the school where she teaches. You wouldn’t believe how thrilled the kids were donating their books and wondering who might read them next. Would it be a child in Africa? Maybe a child in South America?

Sheila and I are now expanding our reaches. We want your help! Imagine how excited a child would be to receive a book to transport them to new adventures while reading! So please, do a little spring cleaning of your bookshelves or possibly your attic. We want to send so many books that they have to begin a library in every small village and town!

It’s a small price to pay to make a child happy! Help us today!



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