Library Fundraising Letter

Ms. Pradnaya Konchadi


Kanpur Local Library

R. S. Puram

December 16, 2011

Mr. Nayath Mainak

Meerpur Cantonment,
Kanpur Cantt. Kanpur-208004

Dear Mr. Mainak,

The Kanpur Local Library has been serving students and other constituents of this town and nearby towns for over fifty years now.  We have a wide collection of books, references, magazines, and other reading materials that are helpful for the research needs of individuals in the academe or otherwise.  However, many of our books are already in poor condition since these have been in the library since we were established.
This year we hope to purchase new books to replace the old ones and will also try to restore old books that are no longer available in the market.  Sadly, our annual budget is not enough to cover this.  As such, we are raising funds for this to push through.  We are hoping that you could contribute any amount to help us raise the needed funds.
For inquiries and donations, you may contact us at (512)2501298.

Thank you.


Ms. Pradnaya Konchadi


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