In short, Philos T. Farnsworth used to see television

October 17, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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I am now writing to you since I’m thoroughly convinced that you happen to care; quite more than most of the people–about what actually your family would want to watch on the television. You also care about the quality. You also share an interest to have this medium of television to be more than just mindless entertainment. And I think that you are also willing to help in making this difference into a reality.

In 1930, Philos T. Farnsworth invented for the first time a television tube. Quoting the actual words of his sad widow:

“Philos used to see television as an amazing teaching tool as there happens to be really no excuses for illiteracy. Parents can also happen to be learning along with their kids. Symphonies would also mean all the more when you could actually see all the major musicians as they would play. He also said there will be the time when we shall be able to realize ,learn and understand about all the people in other geographies. If we understand them in a better way, he thought, that differences could be actually settle around the conference tables, without going to any war.”

In short, Philos T. Farnsworth used to see television as a good and powerful force, as a new ally in all of the was against ignorance, and as a means to actually lift and amazingly inspire. This is also exactly the aim of Public TV-to really lift ,inspire, and entertain.

Since I’m thoroughly convinced that you also share Philos Farnsworth’s dream of what the television really should be and also that you will be willing to actually be supporting a thing that carries such a good impact on you and your family, –I am also writing to ask you that have you have become an active candidate of the Public system of TV.

Being a real viewer is actually great. We’re also glad you did recognize our quality of programming and also the worth of our work. Now, we actually need your good support so we can continue to bring you some quality and family-oriented programs you can expect from the Public TV.

So, I am hoping that you will consider some amount of tax-deductible contributions in amounts that would reflect the value that the Public Television will have to you and also to your family-whether the amount is $135, $70, or regular membership at $20 per year.

Thanking you in advance for the generous demonstration of help in bringing out Philos Farnsworth’s dream.

P.S: To take care of all your conveniences, I am enclosing a response letter and an addressed envelope.

The Television can always become a force for a good deed



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