If you can save some life from dying of blood cancer

October 17, 2011

Alyssa Bethenny Lachey
56 Thomas Apartments,

Happy Street,

New York, 52364

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Dear Alyssa Bethenny Lachey,

If you can save some life from dying of blood cancer, wouldn’t you? I know you would definitely You can help them with a contribution to Fig Cancer Fund.

By donating to the Fig Cancer Fund, we know you are doing great to prevent blood cancer and other blood diseases.

You might be knowing that about blood cancer and all the suffering it carries, but did you have idea that enzyme can also be a life threat? Did you know, about 4 million Canadians suffer from Hazardina?

The Fig Cancer Fund traditionally began over 65 years ago in order to conquer asthma. Today we are also fighting some new battles. And your donation can help us in many ways:

$20 can help to fund critical researches which may lead to the cures for blood cancer and enzyme.

$40 can be a great help to support the Clean and pure Air For our asthma program

$50 can teach the children how to cope up with their deadly blood and breathing problems

$70 can help us teach such children the hazards of smoking.

Your contribution, of any amount, will surely make a difference …or maybe even a difference of life or death for someone you care.

Since 1980, the Fig Cancer Fund has also provided lot of funds for successful blood disease treatment research and such programs which are touching the lives of billions of need people. We request you to please help the Fig Cancer Fund in order to continue this tradition of ours.

We thanks you for your great help.

P.S. Kindly send your gift today. You can show others that you care for others using the attached Cancer Fund , name stickers, gift tags and a pocket calendar.

When blood cant flow purely what else matters.



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