Fundraising Donation Letter

Mr. James Smith

Managing Director

Smith Insurance Company

Dear Mr. Smith,

This fundraising letter is regarding the help of underprivileged children for which Blue Sky Society which is a N.G.O, is active day and night, to knock every door to collect funds.  Your donation is required to make the life of these kids safe and better. Every year we organize extra circular functions at state level to motivate volunteers and to raise the confidence of these children.
Do you know that every penny donated by you is being invested to provide them better living conditions and educate them to live their life independent like other kids?  In fact, there is a benefit in helping these children, since we are planning to invite the highest amount donator to inaugurate our new branch in Toronto.
We can be contacted at 6894 890 5839 for any query. I will stay in touch with you till you reply us back regarding the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Kevin Hopkinson



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