Friendship Letter Template

June 13, 2011

Contact information of friend

Name of Friend

Address of Friend

Date of Letter


Dear (name of friend)

Body of Letter

First part

This is where you begin the informal letter by stating very casually on the health of the friend or by stating that you are replying to their letter. You have to express your feelings about the receiving your friend’s letter.

Second part

Here you talk about each other and swap information about your lives and experiences. You can use this part to express any thought you want to share with your friend. However, it is important to keep the tone informal and not enter into any controversial topics. It is also important to keep your letter short in length.

Third part

This is where you conclude your letter by expressing hope of a reply or a call, whichever is applicable.


Your friend or warm regards

Your Name


Download Friendship Letter Template In Word Format

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