I am attaching an article that discusses

October 16, 2011

Austin Parker,
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890

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Dear Austin Parker,

I am attaching an article that discusses the different methods that can be used when hiring seasonal or part-time employees. We have already talked about some of the ideas during our meeting the other day, and I want you to give attention to items three and seven.

The suggestion of rotating employees between different departments during off-peak season appeals to me. In this way, employees can discover new abilities, have a feel of new surroundings, and can learn about how the store really works. Moreover, the article’s writer has been invited by the company to speak during our luncheon meeting this coming Thursday. I believe that you’ll enjoy meeting him. He will be a good connection to have with our local press.



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