Sample Fax Cover Letter

Ms. Girija Rana
Panchkuiyan, Shahganj
Mr. Bitasok Kocchar
Human Resources Officer
School Supplies, Inc.
Malvani, Malad

Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Kocchar,

I was informed by an employee of your company that you are looking to fill a vacant position for sales representative.  I am interested and would like to apply for the job.  I am a graduate of an undergraduate degree in sales where I maintained an excellent academic record.  After graduation, I was employed for two years as sales staff of a local department store.  During my employment, I attended several trainings on effective sales techniques and the current trends in sales.  I have had various opportunities to deal with various persons and have also been recognized for consistently reaching the sales target.  I am a hard worker and a good team worker.  I also have good interpersonal and communication skills.  I have included my resume for your perusal.  I will be more than willing to submit myself to an interview if necessary.  Thank you and I hope for your consideration.


Girija Rana


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