Fax Doctor Cover Letter

Dr. Dhara Verma

Indra Colony


Mr. Paras Talwar

Human Resources Officer

Hyderabad Hospital

Matrusri Bldg, Hyderguda


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Talwar,

A friend of mine informed me that your hospital is currently looking for a doctor.  I am a registered doctor and I would like to work for your hospital.  I hope to apply for the job and I am sending you my resume together with this letter for your perusal.  Should you need recommendations, I would gladly send them to you at your request.  I took my degree from a reputed medicine school where I was recognized for consistently maintaining a good scholastic average.  I spent my internship at a local hospital where I was exposed to the rigors of the emergency room as well as different medical cases.  I am a passionate doctor and I sincerely wish to help heal people and keep them healthy.  I hope I can discuss with you further how I could contribute to your hospital at your most convenient time.  Thank you and I look forward to your kind consideration.


Dr. Dhara Verma


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