Fax Cover Letter Format

Ms. Dhitha Mishra
Madia Katra
Mr. Adhita Jha
Human Resouces Officer
Actual Electronics, Inc.


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Jha,

I read your post on your website that you are hiring new sales staff for a branch you will be opening in town.  I would like to apply for the position since I believe that I have the credentials you are looking for.  I am also sending my resume with this letter for your review.  Recommendations are available upon your request.  I finished an undergraduate degree in the field of sales where I have attained a good scholastic record.  I am highly motivated and a fast learner and I believe that I could contribute to the continued success of your company.  Please contact me should you have any more inquiries.  I am available for an interview at your most convenient schedule.  Thank you.  I hope you consider me for the vacant position.


Dhitha Mishra


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