I am unsure whether this is an error on your behalf

October 14, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

(618)-461 1055


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As you are aware I work for Sarsons Corporation and last month we agreed to buy the health insurance policy from your company. I was lead to believe that we were covered for general health issues, dental, optical, medical and maternity coverage. I have though today received a detailed description of the policy coverage, as well as a statement of the required monthly premiums. The policy coverage seems to be lacking any form of maternity cover. <


I am unsure whether this is an error on your behalf, or whether I assumed maternity cover was included. For the prices quoted for premiums, other firms do include maternity cover, so if there is not coverage then the premiums requested are very expensive. As such I would ask you to confirm whether there is maternity cover, and if not we will have to cancel our order of your insurance. I look forward to your response as a matter of urgency.



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