Farewell To a Girl Friend

Leonie Mc Grath,

569, Pershwick,

New England,


Dear Leonie,

How are you? I am doing well.  I am writing to you from Kempton.  I had to come here, due to the sudden illness of my granny. Sorry for not informing you dear. She was in a critically bad situation.  And you know how much I love her, because after my parent’s death it was granny who took care of me, loved me and brought me up. Now she is feeling better.
I need to tell you one important thing.  Granny got a proposal for me. She has asked me to marry one of our relatives so as to continue our family lineage. I tried persuading her, that I am in love with you, but she is too stubborn to listen to my words. And I was left with no option, other than to accept the proposal. I did it, only keeping in mind, of her bad health condition. I never wanted to deceive you. I will always adore you as my first lady love. Hope you will understand. Forgive me for the pain caused.

Yours lovingly,



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