College Fare Well Letter

St.Pious College,

University of Italy,


Dear friends,

I take this privilege on the very last day of our college, to bid you good bye. Here after, our paths and careers get diversified. We may become busy with our lives. In pursuit of career we may have to wander away from our home. But where ever we are, what ever we may be doing, I promise friends, we will share the same old bonding,
Our college has been in fact my second home. It served as a foundation for my all around development. Like a mother, it taught me what is good and what is bad. It imparted knowledge to me. I grew as a complete human at this very place. The college teached me discipline, attitude and most importantly the meaning of life. It is really painful to part from such a college. I wish I were an ever learning student in this college. But I know it is not possible. So friends I bid farewell to our college and to you all. Wishing you all the best.

Yours lovingly,



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