I appreciate your email regarding the amount

October 13, 2011


403, 6th avenue

Montgomery, AL – 35112.

(659) 846 – 9466

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I appreciate your email regarding the amount due for the wax you ordered for the wooden floor of your apartment. Based on your transaction history which you can view online, you cancelled your order for a regular wax, and instead, ordered the odorless liquid wax. I believe the price you are referring to in your email is for the regular wax.

As much as I want to offer the liquid wax at the rate of the regular one, it would no longer be possible since the prices reflected in our website have already been slashed by 15%. However, we can confidently assure you that the liquid wax can do great wonders for your wooden floor, and considering the price that you will pay for this high-performing product, you can certainly say it’s a good buy! If you still have further concerns, feel free to email or call us at 12345678.



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