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Hi Sharon,

How are you? I am doing well. My husband Rolfe got a job in NASA as Assistant Technician for the upcoming Venus-2 satellite launch.  He has to report to launch pad by tomorrow. So we are immediately moving to Texas. I wanted to meet you and bid good bye, but due to time constraint, I am mailing you. Hope you will understand.
I heard that it is a highly restricted place and has a number of security problems. So I doubt whether any electronic gadgets work their, other than lab and space equipment. Therefore it will take some time for me to adjust their and get in contact to you. Please don’t mind. You are the best buddy, I have ever got. I will miss you a lot, your gossip, our night outs and your hand made chocolates! I know it really pains to part, but I am help less. I have to go, bye take care. I will mail you if possible.

Yours lovingly,



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