Hospital Donation Letter

Ms. Pia Jignesh

Sarvodaya Nagar,

March 1, 2011

Mr. Falak Kodi


Kanpur Hospital

Tagore Road, Kanpur – 208004

Dear Mr. Kodi,

I write to you since I wish to donate a humble sum to your hospital.  I was a patient of your hospital many years ago when I was still a child and if not for the hospital’s excellent service, I would not have survived from the life-threatening disease that had gripped me at the time.  My parents was also able to avail of your hospital charity fund which allowed me to stay in the hospital despite our family’s lack of finances.  My family is so grateful for the hospital for saving my life and I am giving a certain sum as my way of repaying for this.  I hope that the funds I am donating will be used to save another life and be able to help a poor family that cannot afford medical expenses.


Ms. Pia Jignesh


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