Effective Donation Letter

04 Aug 2010


Mark Robinson,

Fund Raising Committee member,

Buttercup Charity,


Dear Friends and Family,

I am currently part of the fund raising activities for Buttercup Charity for their “Educate Them” event. The Buttercup Charity is an established organization that helps poor and orphaned children at various stages of their lives.

This year we have a special event organized for these children and we plan to sponsor education for these underprivileged children. On behalf of my organization I urge you to extend your complete support and help us make this event a huge success through donations that are completely tax deductible.  Enclosed with this letter is the donation form. Request you all too please donate generously to these children.
I thank you for your consideration and your time. We are looking forward to your continuous support. If case you require any additional information regarding the organization or the event or the kind of activities that we conduct, please feel free to contact me. Alternatively you may also visit our official website www.buttercupcharity.com for more information.

Looking forward to your help in making this event a successful one.

Yours truly,

Mark Robinson
Buttercup Charity


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