The All Star Super Wind Generator is manufactured

October 12, 2011


XYZ Company.

1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607

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Thank you for your interest in the All Star SuperPro Wind Generator – Mark 2. Generating electricity from the wind has evolved and improved in leaps and bounds over recent years making it one of the most sustainable sources of renewable energy available today. Unfortunately, the Mark 2 is restricted from purchase for domestic use. We do, however, stock and sell the All Star Super Wind Generator which is an efficient and effective source of energy for off-the-grid living.

The All Star Super Wind Generator is manufactured from recycled plastics injected with UV stabilizers and protectors to ensure strength and durability. For domestic purposes the Super Wind Generator has been proven to easily exceed the energy needs of a family of four. If you are interested in further information or ordering an All Star Super Wind Generator please telephone 598-6698.

Thank you for making All Star Eco-Supplies your store of choice for all this ecological and environmental.



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