As we have agreed beforehand

October 12, 2011

Mary Smith

69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City,

California 84301

Cell 🙁 988) 598-1331

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Dear Mary Smith ,

As we have agreed beforehand, this letter serves as your official termination from Dale Pharmaceutical effective today. Our company has a responsibility to follow high standards of medical integrity. Since you compromised the said standards, we cannot allow you to continue working with us.

” Because of the sensitive nature of the situation, I am obligated to tell you that Cray will keep a confidential file of the occurrences that led to your termination. The files reflect the manipulation you did of your research findings as a shortcut for a promotion in the company. We will not hinder you future endeavor; however, to protect the company’s legal interest and good reputation, we need to preserve the records of your deeds related to project no. 4532.

” I also would like to notify you that we will not be able to recommend you to your future employers. As such, please do not present our company or any of its employees as references. You may contact my secretary if you have other concerns about your severance.

” Despite your shaky start here at Cray – and because we are aware of your talent – we really hope that your career will have a new beginning.



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