The employee I returned the car to said he would handle

October 6, 2011


1237 Main Court

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Cell: 243-543-6767


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I received your letter of allegation today and I very much want to clear things up. This is a simple misunderstanding and I believe it will be easy to resolve.

Your records indicate that I rented a car from you on July 11th and that the car was never returned. I did rent the car but returned it to the Rent-A-Ride on Santa Fe instead of the store on Boulevard where I rented it.

The employee I returned the car to said he would handle the proper exchange and I was free to go. When I called the store, they informed me that employee had forgotten to perform the exchange and that the car is sitting on their lot at this moment. They assure me that the matter will be taken care of by the end of the business day.

I hope you will call to verify my claim. I know I will phoning both stores myself tomorrow to make certain all charges are clear. As you can imagine, I don’t need a $15,000 charge on my credit card!

Thank you and have a nice day!



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