I am not the kind of person who usually

October 6, 2011


2365 S Mayfield Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Cell: (123)-555-1234

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I am writing to tell you I oppose your decision to make up snow days by having the students continue school until June. My family and I have plans to attend my brother’s wedding the weekend after school was originally scheduled to be out. If you decide to keep the kids in until June, my children will not be there.

I am not the kind of person who usually complains about these things. In fact, I work in the teacher’s workroom each Tuesday afternoon as a volunteer, trying to support the school. However, we have purchased airline tickets and booked a hotel and there are no refunds. Besides, this is a very special family event.

If you cannot do what neighboring school districts are doing and have the kids attend Saturday school until the time is made up, I want written proof that my children will not be penalized for their absence.

In the future, maybe the school board should add in more snow days. It seems like this happens every year!



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