Clayton’s side of the story is very different.

October 6, 2011



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Mr. Botts, I believe you have a very serious problem with one of your teachers and I feel I must be the one to bring it to your attention.

As you are aware, my son Clayton was sent to the office by his science teacher, Miss Allen, on Friday. She reported that Clayton was being disrespectful to her in words and action.

Clayton’s side of the story is very different. I understand children will do what they can to get out of trouble and I initially accepted Clayton’s actions as truth as they came from an authority figure. However, another mother called me this afternoon to let me know her daughter was very thankful for Clayton’s stand for her. She said her daughter had been treated ill for most of the school year by Miss Allen. She said on the day in question, Miss Allen was giving her daughter a particularly severe dressing down when Clayton stood up to her. She cried as she related the story to me.

Mr. Botts, I know you keep a close watch over your students and faculty but I believe Miss Allen may be at fault here. Clayton still maintains he did nothing wrong but won’t divulge the details to me. He does not know about the phone call from the girl’s parent.

I would like to call a conference with you, my husband, the counselor and Miss Allen. Please contact me to let me know when you have time to talk this out.



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