At the meeting on Tuesday, a very respected

October 6, 2011

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At the meeting on Tuesday, a very respected coach and teacher was fired due to “inappropriate teaching methods”. It was stated at the meeting that the parents of the girls on Coach Wills basketball team were asked what they would have the school do regarding Coach Will’s Basketball Boot Camp. You stated that unanimously the parents wanted the coach fired. You stated everyone was shocked and appalled. Yet, when you personally asked me, I told you in no way did I want him gone and neither did my daughter. Three other moms were asked in my presence and none of them wanted him fired either. Can you explain this to me? Because if you can’t, I assure you I am going to the board.

Coach Wills is an excellent coach and a good health teacher. You seem to be the only one unhappy with his performance. I wonder if that is because he benched your daughter for the last two games.

In any case, I would like to speak with you personally. I plan to call your office this afternoon to see when you have an opening to speak. There are several other parents who would like answers as well. I would imagine you will be hearing from them, too.



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