The advertising office I was working

October 3, 2011

Mather Smith
69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City,
California 84301

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Dear Mather Smith,

I believe that it was a great honor to be given the chance to meet and speak with you during the Architects’ Assembly last March. I have been an admirer of your work these past few years and really found it a privilege that I finally got to know you better.

The advertising office I was working for then has recently been plagued with financial hardship and the management has decided to relieve a large number of their staff to minimize expenses and cut losses. Unfortunately, I was given notice already last week and will be clocking in my last day at the end of the month.

With this, I would like to ask for your help with regards to information on any openings for me in your office or in your area. I know that you have a fairly large contact list and would really appreciate it if you could point me towards the right direction. I have attached my curriculum vitae for you to review. I anticipate hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance.


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