When you first started with us you

October 1, 2011

Mary Johnson Gray

27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326

Tel. No: 123-649-88877

Email Address:[email protected]

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Dear Mary Johnson Gray,

Today marks fifteen years of continued work for York Contractors. Well done!

When you first started with us you will remember how we were only a small business fighting many others for the work in York. Now though we have grown into the premier firm of contractors in the state. This growth is down in no small part to the hard work and dedication that you have shown the firm. It is the effort that you put in on such jobs as the BIC job that has enabled the firm to obtain its reputation.

I have added a bonus to your monthly check, and I hope that you feel it is a reflection on your effort. I hope that the next fifteen years will be as good as the last fifteen.



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