While we could not provide for your accommodation


403, 6th avenue

Montgomery, AL – 35112.

(659) 846 – 9466

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Dear [Recipients Name],

We appreciate you and Mrs. Brooke taking the time out to honor the Annual Business Summit, arranged by XYZ Corporation in July, with your presence as guests of honor. Your expertise in the area of Business and economics will benefit the listeners at our conference greatly.

You will be introduced to the audience at 10:00 a.m. sharp in the morning of coming Wednesday. The comments about your newly published book will then be listened to in your speaker session. A one hour long session will follow the speaker session when questions from everyone will be entertained.

While we could not provide for your accommodation and travelling, we certainly will be able to assign you a room where the signing and selling of the copies of your book can take place. A representative from XYZ Corporation will also be at your service to facilitate the process of selling the copies.

Your and Mrs. Brooke’s arrival at the conference on Wednesday 16 July, 2000 is much awaited. Feel free to call me if you require any further assistance.



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