Employment Fair for technicians

September 28, 2011

Jack Martinez
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Fillmore, UT-84631
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Jack Martinez,

Your plans to attend the Employment Fair for technicians to be held at the City Convention Center from July 2-July 4 has pleased us greatly. It is anticipated that the crowd attending this time will be the largest this Fair has ever seen.

Due to the great expansion of this event the services that were complimentary to this event before, will no longer be offered. No free fax or photocopy services will be offered. For the copy making, 20 cents per copy will be charged. The machines will be kept near the information desk. At the reception, you will be able to find a fax machine. Complimentary goody bags, diaries and stationery will still be handed out.

This fair is expected to see the most successful employer employee meetings. We hope to meet you there.



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