MY ETERNAL LOVE “Naresh Sharma”

July 6, 2011

My loving soul “Naresh”,
I’m writing this love letters to confess that I’m in total love with you, & I don’t know what I would do wiyhout you.My heart is your’s to keep.You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me & I never want to let go.Every moment we share together i could never know each people future…we can’t know…how will be our life in future…just we must to be sure that we was made the correct choice…right?We can’t change our fate never… was our fate to meet each to other & now we can;t live without more experience in life’ to you?He was knew that you’re the best & that you need in your life an angel….I’m your angel my love…No thing in this world is not accidental.See..we was relize all this years without to meet,just with our talk here…with our feelings of love…with our inside & our soul & heart & I’ll give you the heaven…yes, with me will be in the heaven… like this will be our future life…and, year by year when will growth until the end on life & our children will continue our life & our existence from this earth & them will be so proudly of them parents…i’ll don’t destroied your life never…I can’t destroy you because you’re my miracle, life & soul.I ask you…how I can destroy a miracle, life & my soul…how a angel can destroy another angel tell me my loving soul? I prefer to die & to disapper from your life than to destroy your life,I swear.Never something like this will don’t happened never……..My “N”…….
Your lovely life.

Pritilagna Das.


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