There is no need for future police roadblocks around Luigi’s

September 18, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

Cell:-(618)-461 1055

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Dear Andrew carter,

I am lodging a complaint about the actions of the local police force. Normally these fine officers do an outstanding job enforcing the laws of the land. Recently though they have become heavy handed indeed when it comes to traffic law enforcement. Luigi’s local restaurant have held a charity evening once a month for the last ten years. On these evenings their car park is turned over to local motorbike enthusiasts, who come in their hundreds to show off their bikes.

Over the past few months though the police have set up roadblocks to divert traffic away from the area. This has caused excessive delays in journeys, and also prevents people from easily attending the event. All that these roadblocks have achieved is annoyance amongst local residence and tension from the motorcycle owners. There has never ever been any trouble at Luigi’s events, and there has never been any traffic issues but now there is police interfering in a charity event. I would ask that an official review is undertaken of this new police policy, and have it reversed immediately. There is no need for future police roadblocks around Luigi’s.

Ishita joe

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