Police complaint letter

Deborah Roberts,


14 February 2006


Sergeant Daniel Wright,


Dear Mr. Wright,

I am Deborah Roberts and I live in the 6th Avenue, Park Street in Minnesota. We have a super market in our neighborhood which has opened recently. Earlier we had to go to Burgolow Street to fetch the necessities. We were quite delighted to see the new store.

The reason for my writing to you, sir is that I suspect that the license produced by the super market manager is fake. He does not allow people to check the goods and frequently picks up quarrels with customers who demand to check his license. In this regard I would be very grateful if you can check on this. If it is proved genuine, we would be the happiest neighborhood. Also as responsible citizens we would like to get the store closed if it is illegal.

I hope to see quick action on the case.

Thanking you,


Deborah Roberts


Downloand Police complaint letter In Word Format

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