I expect that you take immediate action.

September 11, 2011

Mary Smith

69 N. Grant Street,

Mid Lake City, California 84301

Cell 🙁 988) 598-1331




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Dear Mary smith,

I have been requesting your Cranfield office in vain, and therefore I am approaching you as a final alternative. I have been owning a small piece of land in Mt.Gilmore area where street bikers give shots to their skills at climbing the narrow slopes. They have been causing serious soil erosion in this area.

Not only this, they have also been involved in riding across my property. This causes serious cuts and erosion in my property. I have spoken to your people at the Cranfield office, but they seem indifferent to the problem, and are just not willing to respond. I therefore request you to take up the matter. I have enclosed exact photographs of the damage done, and also about the communication I have sent to your Cranfield office. I expect that you take immediate action.

Iyan gale

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