We need to make corrections on your account

September 11, 2011

Arnold Den

64, East 6 Street,

Lewistown, Montana, 03278,

Cell:-(194)-465 0217




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Dear [Recipients Name],

It has come to our notice that you have not paid the amount which was supposed to be paid on March 2. We hope you will pay us soon.

The due amount is $2,000.

All the charges and fees are included in this amount.

Even if you have paid the amount, you still have to meet us so that we may resolve any remaining issue. Also, we need to make corrections on your account.

If you are undergoing financial crisis, please see a representative of our office so that we can devise a flexible plan for you to payback the loan. You can also be provided with counseling and assistance.

Please call us so we may start working to resolve this situation.

Hennery fayol

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