Christmas Letter to Mother

3rd August 2010,


45 Charely Avenue.

Dear Mom,

You said that you were not exchanging any gifts this Christmas because you can’t afford it any more. Well I am buying a gift for you. I think about all the years of gift giving that I didn’t have to do to catch up with what you have given to me. I could never pay you back for all you have given to me beginning with my life itself, from fifteen to twenty years you are giving me Christmas gifts before I ever even tried to buy you something with my own money.

Mom you may not still dress the dolls for me to put on my bed, but you can never erase the memories of the one that you made for me. You can give me the best Christmas gift in the world. Just accept me, and my gifts, graciously, and without thinking that how much it cost me. I want to give you love that you have given me over the years and hope that it means as much to you as your love means to me.

Yours lovingly,



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