I apologize for all the mismanagement

August 25, 2011

Justin Holloway

XYZ Company

1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607,

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Dear Justin Holloway,

RE: Cancellation of Urgent Order

As soon as I had placed an urgent order for two sets of John skis and three sets of bindings, the same items had already been delivered to me. Please do not send the items again. I would like to cancel order #333-0. The following is the original order.

Urgent Order #333-0 (promotional)

John skis , two sets, 184 cm

John skis, two pairs, 124 cm

John FootBinders on skis, three sets

Please do not send these items as I have already received them. I apologize for all the mismanagement.


Eako smith

Joseph hall,

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