I am looking forward to meeting with you soon

August 16, 2011

Richard Anderson

1234, West 67 Street

Carlisle, MA 01741

Cell:-(123)-456 7890



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Dear Richard anderson,

I am writing to express my interest in the job you posted on the online job market last Friday. You mentioned that you are currently in need of a copywriter for your new product line. I believe that I am a good candidate for this position, given my previous experience as a writer for an advertising agency.

I worked for the advertising agency, XYZ, for six years before I decided to take a break and work as a freelance writer. I am now ready to return to the industry and believe that my experiences will serve as a great advantage if you give me the opportunity to work for you.

Attached is an updated CV. I am sure that all of your questions will be answered if you grant me an interview. I am looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Oey joe

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