Unemployment appeal letter

Ms. Surri Silverman

Manager- Human Resources

Skyline Recruiters Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Ms. Silverman,

I am writing you this unemployment appeal letter with reference of Mr. Draik Gear, a good friend of Mr. Hennery Poter, owner of Skyline Recruiters Pvt. Ltd. You can find my enclosed resume and certificate photocopies with this letter. You are the only hope for me to get this job.

I have tried in many recruitment agencies and given interview lot of times, but every time I got disturbed because none of the job was up to the mark. A few days back, Mr. Gear suggested me about your recruitment agency. I have good candidature and working experience with some private companies in IT sector. So kindly arrange my interview with reputed companies to help me. If something is required to initiate it, do let me know.

You can reply me on same mail id and my number at 5689 439 6039

Thanks & Regards,

Rick Neuman


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