My retirement is finally here

August 8, 2011

Jack Morris

25th Lane Avenue,

Old Road, Georgina


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Dear Jack Morris,

It may seem that it has been a long time coming but my retirement is finally here. On December 22, it will be thirty three years since the first time I walked through the doors at Carson Corporation. On that date I will be packing my stuff away for the last time, and leaving my desk behind. After the Christmas holidays are over, James and I will be leaving the state and moving to California. James tells me that fishing is much better there than it is the heart of York.

Susan has been training up as my replacement for the past six months, and I believe that she can take over with very little disruption being caused.

The years here have given me many great memories to treasure, and it is the people that have made the years here so wonderful. I cannot express just how much I will miss everyone, and can assure you that I will keep in touch with you all. Expect to see us around, we will be making frequent returns to York.



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