Establishing new contracts

August 4, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

Cell:-(618)-461 1055


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Dear Andrew carter,

I regret to announce that because of Red Inc’s non-renewal of their contract with our company for this coming year, we have found it necessary to retrench some of our employees in order for the company to be able to cope with the 25% loss of total sales we will suffer from the contract loss. This will take into effect in August this year, but rest assured that we are doing our very best to keep retrenchment to a minimum.

We are currently spending all our effort in establishing new contracts with other companies in order to recover from the blow our company has received. We hope for your patience and continuous excellent work in order for us to recover even more quickly from this ordeal.

Rest assured that we shall be giving you several updates weekly regarding this matter. Thank you.



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