Sample Letter of Agreement


Madhu Pandey

Chief Marketing Officer,

Delacour Tiles,


Subject: Letter of Agreement – Preparation of marketing campaign

Dear Ms Pandey,

Thank you for choosing our advertising agency, and for delegating the marketing campaign of your company’s products to us. This task would include the preparation of advertisements, in both print and electronic media, and would require services such as marketing and consulting, as per the requirement of the job.

Around 50 working hours would go into the completion of this task and as per the hourly fee of Rs 1,000, the base fee would be Rs 50,000. The services provided include copywriting, editing, consulting and research. Any additional time required would be subject to extra fees at Rs 800 per hour.

The payments should be made within one week of the receipt of invoice.

If you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above, please sign the letter and mail it to us.

Yours truly,

Gary D’Souza

Accepted and agreed

August 1, 2010



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