Letter of Agreement Format


Name of recipient:


Name of company:



Dear Mr (name),

This agreement is made between (name of company) and (name of other company) on (state date) in (state name). (In the first paragraph of a letter of agreement, one needs to clearly mention the full names of the both parties and also the date and place where this agreement is being prepared. Keep it brief and formal.)

The agreement includes the following provisions, where the respective parties will perform their respective tasks. (The second para consists of the various clauses which both the parties must agree to and they also serve as the purpose of the agreement).

In return for the services, the company (name) will pay (name) (state amount) as remuneration fees. (The financial details must be clearly mentioned as these can be final and binding).

If both parties agree to the terms, then sign this letter and send a copy to us.

Agreed and accepted





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