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July 29, 2011

Worthington Area School District
ATT: James Drury, Superintendent
14 Atherton Street
Manhattan, NY-10009
(123) 456-7890


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Dear James Drury,

I was very flattered to know that you want my advice about whether you should run for local office. I do not have a great deal of knowledge about what the position would mean but have some general thoughts.

You have already done a lot to serve the local neighborhood, representing them as you do on the city council. You also have the backing of the community for all of the work you have done already. You have to decide whether this backing is going to be sufficient to win the overall vote. Other candidates are going to have more financial backing than you so you would need to get more of the popular vote. To this end I would say you have to get the votes from the education sector.

There is a lot of factors that need to be thought through, and can assure you that it will not be easy to make a final decision. You will have my support in whatever you eventually decide upon. I am here if you think I can offer any further advice.

Ishiya joe

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