He shares most of your visions

July 29, 2011

Mary Johnson Gray

27 Happy colony,

Dallas, Texas 75326

Tel. No: 123-649-88877


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Dear  Mary Johnson Gray,

I know that making the decision to begin a partnership with someone is a big one to make. It will mark definite changes in the way you run your business and, of course, will make a significant difference in the future of your firm. Understand that the result can really swing either way, depending on how you handle this transition and, ultimately, the partner you choose.

In my opinion, I think Jacob is the perfect choice for your first partner. I have observed him for many years in the office setting and greatly admire his professionalism and drive to succeed. I know that he shares most of your visions for the future of your business, which is key to making your partnership work.

The best advice, however, that I can probably give at this point is to really take your time before making the final decision. There are many things that you need to consider, so don’t rush. If you need my help, I’ll be here.


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