Working with a very successful team

July 20, 2011

David Harris

609 West Main Street

Albuquerque • New Mexico 87109

Cell: 237-409-0198

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Dear David harris,

I am very pleased to be offering you the opportunity to join the Harvey Corporation as the representative for marketing. The meeting I attended with your marketing team assured me that I am going to be working with a very successful team within a dynamic corporation, and I’m looking forward to giving my contribution to the teamwork. As requested, here is my signed and enclosed contract detailing my salary as well as my commission bonuses.

I’m appreciative of all the literature you sent me about the company’s retirement and insurance benefits. Thank you also for the offer to answer any questions I have regarding these benefits, when I report at orientation at 7am on Tuesday January the 2nd. I appreciate the help you have given me in processing my papers of employment and I look forward to our meeting in early January.


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