Successful campaign

July 24, 2011

Justin Holloway

XYZ Company

1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607,


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Dear Justin holloway,

As it is common knowledge, sales always decrease in the upcoming month. The regional office has instructed us to devise a strategy to increase sales this time. I am confident that our superb sales team will have no trouble accepting this challenge. At the beginning of the month, we will launch a “buy two, get one free” offer. We will be advertising in the local newspapers. Do update our regular customers on this offer.

Another great incentive to achieve this goal is entry to the annual conference by the Jackson Company. This will be awarded to the employee with the best sales. This Friday a beach theme party will be held in the conference room. I am hopeful that we will have a successful campaign and I am eagerly awaiting your presence.


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